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Quality Control Standards You Can Trust

The necessity of quality control in the mortgage industry cannot be stressed enough. Mortgage lenders who practice strict quality control can avoid mortgage fraud and improve their profitability. Lender Loans QC provides compliance and quality assurance to the mortgage industry.

Boost Profits with Quality Control
Founded in 2008, we have audited hundreds of Conventional, FHA and VA mortgage loan files. Our vision is to help keep the members of the mortgage industry aware of the necessity of quality control in their day-to-day business operations. By doing this, members will improve their loan quality, maintain the value of their loans, and improve their profitability.

Don't fall victim to mortgage fraud simply because you do not have the time to personally inspect every loan document.

Who We Can Help:

 • Brokers
 • Lenders
 • Credit Unions  • Banks
Man, Mortgage Lenders

Quality Control File Reviews
We provide professional quality control file reviews for pre-funding and post-closing reviews. We also offer compliance standard information for cancelled and denied file reviews. Consider the impact quality control can have on the following types of documents:

 • Pre-funding Reviews 
 • Validity of Social Security
 • Re-verification of Borrower's
 • High Cost Loan Testing
 • Re-verification of Borrower 
   Liability Data
 • Credit Report
 • Appraisal and Title Report
 • Public Record Search
 • Post-Closing Reviews
 • Credit Underwriting
 • Compliance and Closing
 • Legal Documents
 • High Cost Loan Testing
 • Appraisal and Title Report

 • Compliance of Agency and
   Investor Requirements
 • Public Record Search
 • State and Federal Compliance
 • Cancelled and Denied File
 • HMDA and CRA Compliance

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 • U.S. Department of Housing  and Urban Development

 • Nationwide Mortgage Licensing
   System & Registry


 • Federal Deposit Insurance  Corporation

 • US Department of Veterans Affairs
 • Freddie Mac

 • Board of Governor of the Federal  Reserve System
 •  Mortgagebankers

 •  Reverse Mortgages